JERKZ originated in a small kitchen in Joliet, Illinois by a family man trying to spice up his ribs with a distinct flavor. After several attempts to find the right combination of spices. He finally created a sauce completely unique from all others on the market today. Not only is it a great sauce specific for BBQ, but it is also wonderful as an all purpose sauce for burgers, fries, steaks, and much, much more. Once you try it, you wont want to use anything else. Enjoy !!!!!!!!

Jerkz is made only from the highest quality ingredients. I settled for nothing but the best when I perfected my sauce. When I was creating Jerkz BBQ sauce, I kept the customer in mind. Since customer's are our number one priority, any comments, suggestions, or ideas are always welcome, and appreciated. I promise to take every comment sincerely, and every suggestion will always be considered. Jerkz is a small family owned business that always aims to please.

Jerkz is a thick rich sauce that fuses together a blend of fiery spices with sweet  undertones made only from the purest honey and brown sugar. the combination of this blend will make you become a life long user. I guarantee it.
It only takes one taste........
It only takes one taste........
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